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“I am a writer/actress working in both LA and NY and have recently had the pleasure of working with Jessica on my film, The Last Treasure Hunt. As I was new to the game, I would never have guessed at the long road ahead. But, professional that she is, Jessica not only knew but was excited for the challenge. The film was just a script when Jess came aboard, and she steered both myself and the entire production towards completion despite the incredible adversity that comes with making an extremely low budget feature. You can now find the film on Amazon and iTunes, and Jess might as well have put it up there.

She’s fearless, and takes on projects that she cares about, which is evident in her perseverance and willingness to go above and beyond the job description. I am constantly in awe of how much she can handle. Every time there is a hiccup, she meets it with grace and confidence, refusing to let anything derail her. To say it simply: Jessica is the most unflappable, multi-tasking, and downright cool producer I have ever worked with. Work with Jessica, and see your project succeed. – Kate Murdoch, Writer/Actress, “The Last Treasure Hunt”

“It is always a pleasure to work with Jessica Mathews. As a true professional, Jessica always strives to maximize our productions with her proficient work ethic and ability. Since Jessica and I met at an Anaheim trade show, I’ve been taken with her warm friendly spirit and deep passion for independent film. Collaborating with Jessica on my film Border Lords II: Dark Secrets was a great experience in working with a talented actress who provided depth and vision in her on-screen character. I look forward to seeing Jessica in up-coming Shade Pictures projects and other projects of her future endeavors. – Billy Townes, Director, “Border Lords”

“Jessica has produced, acted, and taken on assistant director duties with equal discipline and positive enthusiasm; she is largely responsible for the realities facilitating the making of my film. The example she sets as an entertainment professional is quickly acknowledged by people on the set with great certitude. She is focused, talented, and a balanced individual. Her presence has made me a better director, stronger communicator and often a better worker.”
-Christian Elder, Director, “PLAYdate”

“Not only does she have a great eye for detail, she’s also a creative visionary, steeped in discipline and dedication. She maintained her composure under pressure, and her problem solving skills are unmatched. Her expertise in preplanning helped ensure the actual days on set ran as smooth as possible, and she was instrumental in making our ambitious shooting schedule achievable. (They said it couldn’t be done.) She is an unstoppable success story in the making!”
(On Jessica as a Producer and Assistant Director)
-Brad Bromelmeier, Director, “Savor The Insanity”

“As a first time director, working with Jessica was paramount to the success of my film “The Proposition”. I was so focused on performance and the look of it that I basically had no idea what the actual production would entail. She basically handled everything from budget costs to hiring crew, equipment and finding locations. Her knowledge of the production world was a tremendous asset to completing the project. With Jessica’s help we have been accepted to several festivals and won both the audience choice award for Best Short Film at the Virginia Film Festival and Best Comedy at the Dam Film Festival. I look forward to working with Jessica in the future.”
-Ed Stein, Director/Writer, “The Proposition”

“Jessica Mathews is a talent. She is wonderful to collaborate with, and is a true artist. Her work ethic and ability are of very high standards. Collaborating with Jessica on my film BOHEMIAN SUNSET was a wonderful experience. Working with her as an actress was very easy because she just got it. She did her homework, and came to set ready for anything I threw at her. She has what most actors don’t: the heart and desire to achieve more.”
-Robert Benavides, Jr, Director, “Bohemian Sunset”

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that we met. You are an incredible woman! You are such a joy to work with. I wanted to thank you again for everything you have done thus far for “Life Is Short”. Wow! We could not have made it this far without you. You are so well organized, knowledgeable, talented and fun. And of course..GORGEOUS!!!! 🙂 I don’t know how you do it. You can do it ALL. What CAN’T you do????!?! LOL. Thank you for dedicating so many hours to this project. Thank you for believing in me, Dave and “Life Is Short”. You have done wonders for us!!!! As you know, this project means the world to me and I couldn’t be happier with how smooth the process was. All because of you, girly. It feels so great to see this project get brought to life. Thank you for helping me bring this to life! It was incredible how you helped us put this entire thing together. You are a POWERHOUSE!!”
(On Jessica as a Line Producer, Producer and Assistant Director)
-Nicole Gerth, Writer/Lead Actor/Executive Producer, “Life is Short”

“I brought Jessica on board as my line producer and producer of a very challenging foreign movie. A project that she embraced with all her might. I needed someone who had the understanding, experience and passion to assist me in a task that I could not have accomplished without her. This was my directorial and executive producing debut and not only did Jessica give me the peace of mind to guide our project in the right direction, but she also gave me a level of dedication and trust that is surprisingly very rare in this industry. As a first time Director I needed that in someone. Loyalty does not get forgotten too easily. She became my right hand woman and a trusted friend. Throughout the project when she saw the demands of stress getting the better of me, she was my rock and strength and held my hand through the tough times. One cannot help but notice her calm disposition, particularly in times of pressure. That is a rare quality. Always the consummate professional and one of the most hardworking people I know, with unsurpassed experience and work ethics, she was a pleasure to work with and I would do it again in a heartbeat. A highly reliable and multitalented professional, who not only brings her exceptional skills and experience to set but also a genuine love and care to the project, which really are the ingredients any serious filmmaker should look for when searching for the right team members. I would have no problem in recommending Jessica Mathews to anyone.”
-Nicole Kian-Sadighi; Executive Producer/Director, “I Am Neda”

“Jessica has one of the finest, hardest working, professional dispositions I have ever seen, in the biz and otherwise. She is strongly disciplined, highly talented, efficiently organized with an obvious motivation, energy and striking beauty which make her uniquely unmatched in her field.”
-Eric Raddatz, Director, “A Day to Love and Die”

“As a director, it is a rare occasion to find a talent quite as unique and reliable as Jessica. I would cast her in my future productions without hesitation.”
-Esther Biggs, Director, “Dysfunctional One Acts”

” Jessica is very professional and has a great attitude towards the film industry. I found her to be very talented, with a wide range in her acting abilities. I would definitely use her again in future projects.”
– Jason Bunch, Director, “Coming Attractions”

I would highly recommend Jessica Mathews as an actress, a pure talent, an on-set inspiration, and a friend. Jessica was such a pleasure to work with, that I have done it several times, including her work on our feature film “Stealing God.”
-Dave Swuz, Director, “Stealing God”, “Kimberly”, “Evan Page” Music Video

You will find that people will gravitate to Jessica. She has the wonderful ability to listen. Jessica has a special gift of making people comfortable enough to allow individuals to express themselves freely. Her ability to quickly comprehend and empathize has time and again impressed me. The process of filmmaking can be an incredibly difficult and fulfilling experience, and no one knows this more than Jessica. She brings her personal experiences to inspire others to take chances and push the envelope while creating art. She works hard and no part of production is beneath her. Jessica jumps into any role that needs filling. She is unselfish with her time. Jessica brings a positive friendship atmosphere to the set that is open, individually expressive, intelligent and mature.
-Jamal Farley, DP “Savor The Insanity”, “Applications”, “Chip Licker”, “I Am Neda”

I want to wholeheartedly recommend Jessica Mathews to any project on your slate. Jessica is not only photographically beautiful but extremely talented, professional, and quick. Jessica was the best actress in my most recent film, Dark Queen, and integral to its profitable domestic and foreign distribution. On Dark Queen she instantly understood her character, Alicia, and gave her a dimension beyond her actual screen time, impressively tailoring each take to the director’s suggestion. She was also invaluable and cooperative in promoting the finished product for its ultimate success.
-Lou Aguilar, Writer/Producer “Dark Queen”

***A special message for Jessica’s friend, Rana Fisher who passed away on August 10, 2008. And for Laurie Dinnerstein Thompson who passed away on November 4, 2012. Rest in peace. You are both missed and loved.